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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2007 10:23 am

here are the rules for the forum

1. No spamming - e.g useless, pointless, meaningless posts/threads. The forum games is the place for spamming.

spam stands for





Posts that contain 'OMG, Ok, wtf and lol' and smilies are considered as spam. Try and make your post of a decent length.

2. No flaming/bashing - swearing/abusive language towards other members and forum staff.

If you had a fight with another member, please PM the admin or mods.

Any kind of flaming or being hostile to another member may get you warned or banned.

3. No double posting - don't post two or more times in a row. this is known as spamming. if you accidentally post more than once, you must delete them.

4. No double accounts - don't create more than account. All members can only have one account each.

The mods and admins can see each members' IP address. if two or more of them match, you may be banned.

5. No inappropriate pictures: porn, racist or disturbing pictures are not allowed to be posted on the forum at all.

This includes hentai e.g naked anime girls, yuri and yaoi.

6. Advertising threads - Don't post advertisements in any other place other than the advertisement sector forum.

7. Don't go off topic - when posting in a thread, don't post random stuff. All posts must be related to the thread at all times.

8. No duplicating threads - do not make threads that are similar to other threads.

One thread is enough for one subject. If you accidentally make a duplicate thread, ask a member of staff to delete it.

9. Asking to be mod/admin - don't ask to be a mod/admin. The chances are that you will NOT become a member of staff if you ask. This includes threads where you ask to be mod. Nelos Lesios decides who should be mod depending on your contribution to Akatsuki Lair. (activeness, experience, enforce the rules etc.)

PS if ur new please can u say hello to all the ppl in the welcome/goodbye forum
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Forum Rules
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