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 The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device

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PostSubject: The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device   The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device Icon_minitimeMon May 16, 2011 6:26 pm

iPad 3, as the name implies, is the fourth product launched by Apple under the iPad 3 line of products. Since its introduction, smart phones like this have become more and more popular worldwide. ipad 3 accessories has a robust and sleek design. It has a threadlike appearance, not to mention that some features from the previous ipad 3 stylus have been updated here. It is covered by oleophobic coating which makes it fingerprint resistant. The aluminosilicate glass used here is the same kind utilized in high-speed trains and helicopter windshields, therefore making this mobile phone scratch resistant as well. The edges are made of stainless steel that offers inflexibility and serves as the antennae.
The design is truly incredible and overhauled. Its features have been improved, showcasing its most recent operating system called iOS 4. Its 5-megapixel camera is very ideal for video calls as well as taking self-portraits because it will surely give you sharp and amazingly fine-looking images. The rear and front camera can be switched in no time at all.
The video is high definition (720p) and because of its backside illumination sensor, you are guaranteed to capture wonderful images even when the light is dim. Just like the previous ipad 3 stylus, it also has accelerometer which makes it capable of highly developed motion sensing to make your gaming experience much better.
iPad 3 also has a Retina Display feature, making it the mobile phone with the highest resolution screen at present. The intense graphics and colors and vibrantly clear texts are virtually obvious when looking at the display in hours of daylight. Likewise, multitasking is made easier with this device.
Folder organization will not be a problem with ipad 3 cases. Many folders can be added here, plus you can modify the default name of the folder and include unrelated and related apps. Homescreen folders are limited to only 12 applications, but can clean the homescreen's space and aid you in the better arrangement of folders.
"I was in the computer/design/manufacturing business for 20 years, and this is by far the most amazing piece of technology I have ever seen or imagined. Even the battery life is 3x better than the previous model, and that's a good thing cause its integrated but a full charge should yield and entire days work of calls, emails, surfing the web, SMS messaging, and play. I no longer need my laptop cause there's nothing I can't do with the iPad 3 Cases, and that includes sending faxes, editing Excel or Word documents, and even printing. A flash for the 5MP camera, two(2) HD video cameras, and even real time video conferencing over a wireless network, and Bluetooth that unlike the 3G model is actually compatible with everything you throw at it, including Garmin GPS....just amazing. This thing even has 2 mics with noise suppression so calls are clearer on the other end. Man, Apple hit this one out of the park."
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The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device   The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 11:29 am

You disgust me. Stop all this spam. Please.
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The Extraordinary Apple iPad 3 Is A Great Device
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