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 Gateway laptop keyboard problem

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PostSubject: Gateway laptop keyboard problem   Sat May 12, 2012 3:23 am

how do i make my Laptop Keyboard not type numbers ? everytime i try to type the right part of my laptop it makes the keys type 1-9 instead of letters also when i press the fn key + the scroll key it turns of the icon at the bottom of the mouse poiter area off which should cancel the numbers but that doesnt work and same with the caps locks icon they both show up when i start up my laptop when i turn it on when i turn both icons off the keyboard starts typing numbers again when i turn both icons back on ( SCROLL LOCK AND THE CAPS LOCK)it works fine but its ( INVERTED SOMEHOW AND I DNT KNOW how to fix it or do i know wat i,m doing help!!?

the keys are like opposite i think when ever th icons go off

they are suppose to cancel everything but in my case if they are off they make the Gateway Laptop Keyboard


and if they are ON the keyboard works like HP Laptop Keyboard.

but I WANT IT THE OTHER way around

I want the keybaord to work like it did before

when i turn off the icons it should work again not type numbers
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Gateway laptop keyboard problem
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