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 Remove the Gateway Laptop Keyboard

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PostSubject: Remove the Gateway Laptop Keyboard   Sun May 27, 2012 4:47 am

Turn the XPS M1330 off and remove the AC adapter along with all peripherals. Turn the computer over.

Push and hold the battery locking tab, and slide the battery out of the XPS M1330.

Unscrew the two Phillips screws from the inside of the XPS M1330 battery compartment, and set the screws aside. Turn the M1330 over and open the display.

Slide the two plastic caps between the screen hinges and Gateway Laptop Keyboard away from the center of the XPS M1330 to remove them.

Lift the black button panel above the keyboard away from the XPS M1330 to reveal the Phillips screws underneath. Place the panel on top of the Gateway Laptop Keyboard . Note that a cable under the keyboard connects the button panel to the computer, so the panel cannot be removed before the keyboard.

Unscrew the two Phillips screws anchoring the top of the XPS M1330 keyboard to the computer. Push the keyboard toward the screen until you can see the bottom of the keyboard come out from under the palm rest. Lift the keyboard up until you can see the cable underneath.

Raise the locking bar on the Gateway Laptop Keyboard cable connector, and slide the cable out. Set the keyboard aside.

Slide the cable for the replacement dell XPS M1330 keyboard into the connector and lower the locking bar. Place the keyboard into the computer and replace the two Phillips screws.

Lower the button panel into its original position and replace the plastic caps between the screen hinges and keyboard. Close the screen and turn the XPS M1330 over.

Replace the Phillips screws in the battery compartment and slide the battery back in.

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Remove the Gateway Laptop Keyboard
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