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 Good place to source replacement laptop keyboard?

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PostSubject: Good place to source replacement laptop keyboard?   Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:45 pm

The Laptop Keyboard in my 12" netbook stopped working, and I've isolated it to the keyboard. Problem is sourcing a replacement may be an issue. Only place I see it shown is at a site called "Gemwon.com" and it's not in stock and don't even know if the site is reputable.

Anyone know where I can contact that might even be able to source and order the part? I'd rather spend $30-40 for a keyboard than have to buy a new machine.

Laptop Keyboard has the following:

Foxconn P/N: 550102J00-035-G

Darfon P/N: 9J.N0Z82.B01 Ver:US

It comes up as used on an Asus (my system is a Hannspree) as well, but doesn't say whichLaptop Keyboard, otherwise I'd search for that specific Asus model replacement keyboard. Shall I change my laptop keyboard to Gateway Laptop Keyboard ?

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Good place to source replacement laptop keyboard?
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