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 HP Laptop keyboard problem?

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PostSubject: HP Laptop keyboard problem?   Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:19 pm

When I type HP Laptop Keyboard and need to correct a word, I put the cursor where I need to put a letter in and when I type the letter, it will override the next letter! Does this make sense? Like it won't move the whole word over to insert the missing letter. It will just insert the letter in (like replace it) and delete the next one.

For example,

I typed frget IN HP Laptop Keyboard

After I inserted the missing "O" it looked like this foget

And if I type the "R" it took out, it looked like this foret....

How do I fix this? On a laptop? On a computer it has the "insert" button to correct it but on a laptop it doesn't. Should I buy a new HP Laptop Keyboard ?

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HP Laptop keyboard problem?
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