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 How to get keyboard to work after a beer spillage?

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PostSubject: How to get keyboard to work after a beer spillage?   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:10 am

I spilled beer on my Laptop Keyboard . I got a missing or corrupt BIOS error on startup and a number of keys didn't do anything when pressed. I disassembled the laptop and cleaned the inside with alcohol wipes and replaced the keyboard. The BIOS error is gone and the keys register as input but in pairs. Is there a software solution to this problem?

Laptop model :
hp g6-1359ea Laptop Keyboard

The new replacement keyboard is identical to the original.

After spilling beer on the laptop I immediately turned it upside down and blow dried it from underneath.

After it had fully dried I took out most of the screws and removed the top panel and keyboard. I cleaned the underside of the top panel and the topside of the motherboard with alcohol cleaning wipes. I did not wipe deeper than the motherboard. I then connected the new keyboard and reassembled the laptop.

The affected keys before and after the replacement are the same. Before, the following when pressed did nothing:


With the replacement Laptop Keyboard pressing any of the above keys registers two keys at once. It works in pairs as follows:

` and tab (pressing either prints " `")
5 and t (pressing either prints "t5")
6 and y ("y6")
- and [ ("[-")
] and \ ("]\")

Is there a software based solution to this or do I have to clean more thoroughly/replace a more expensive component than the keyboard?
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How to get keyboard to work after a beer spillage?
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