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 How can i tell what computer parts are compatible?

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PostSubject: How can i tell what computer parts are compatible?   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:19 am

I am trying to build my own Compatible Parts , and im not computer dumb at all. I know how the parts go togeather and all that jaz, and to ground my self so i dont static shock the boards and stuff... but i dont know how to tell whats compatible.

I took two years of computer programing witch you may say "what does that have to do with computer hardware" well my teacher made us ready for our A+ certification. Eather way its i just want to know how to make sure i have Compatible Parts .

Furthermore, to help you out, i am trying to build a gaming system, with atleast 2 gig ram, a nice but not over price graphics card. So any suggestions on what might be good Compatible Parts to get? Also my price limite would be between 1300-1500 dollars

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How can i tell what computer parts are compatible?
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