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 DIY Laptop Keyboard Cover

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PostSubject: DIY Laptop Keyboard Cover   Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:39 am

So the cat has determined that your open laptop is a warm bed on which to rest each time you go to refill your coffee. Maybe the toddler finds the keys particularly entertaining and previously unknown functions have been executed by the little one's imaginative keystrokes. Maybe the keys just get a little dusty. Whatever the Laptop Keyboard Cover , it's easy to protect your laptop keyboard from such daily household elements with the addition of a simple homemade keyboard cover, customized for your unique needs.

Decide how elaborate you want the keyboard cover to be. You can use as simple a material as cardboard or heavy paper to form the majority of the cover, or you can go all out by using acrylic, metal or wood sheeting or some other sturdy material.

Make sure you have enough of the chosen Laptop Keyboard Cover to cover the surface of the laptop, with some left over to make the side and front edges.

You'll also need some special Laptop Keyboard Cover to secure the materials, such as tape, glue, staples or screws. The type of securing will depend on the material used. Staples and tape work for such lighter materials as paper and cardboard; screws are needed for Plexiglas, metal or wood. Glue is appropriate for most substances---if it is the right type of glue (e.g., wood glue for wood, white glue for paper).

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DIY Laptop Keyboard Cover
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