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 Oversized laptop Keyboards

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PostSubject: Oversized laptop Keyboards   Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:29 am

Tying isn’t always easy for people who have trouble reading their computer keyboards or have manual dexterity issues. Many seniors are frustrated because they can not see or manipulate the small keys of a standard Laptop Keyboard . An oversized keyboard might be all it takes to make computer use easier. Brighter and larger sized keys mean a bigger target to focus on.

It is okay to start with an inexpensive model until you get it all figured out. A friend of mine bought the EZeyes system that she saw advertized on television. While the reviews were often marginal she decided that for the low price quoted it would be worth checking out. She loves it. It was what she was looking for and she feels that it meets her needs. The people who wrote scathing reviews must have expected to get a $200 product for less than the $20 that they paid out.

My friend has given me her permission to quote her first impressions. “I would recommend it to anyone who has eye problems or hand issues. The keyboard such as Samsung Laptop Keyboard is bright and light in weight and so is the mouse. I don’t have any problem with it; the keys type with a light touch. The bright yellow color makes it easy to see the keys without straining my eyes…the numbers and letters are huge. It is great to be able to type with such ease. I can type faster and easier than I could before, and was pleased that it was so simple to hook up (plug in).”

You will be pleased to know that many such devices are on the market and they run the full gamut when it comes to price and functionality. The one you chose will depend on your expectations, goals and needs. I would love to hear other impressions of any or all oversized keyboards that anyone has discovered.
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Oversized laptop Keyboards
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