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 What smart phone should really I get?

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What smart phone should really I get? Empty
PostSubject: What smart phone should really I get?   What smart phone should really I get? Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 1:59 am

Been in search of a handful of issues particularly inside a Smart Phones along with the exploration has just created my head foggy. I am hoping anyone more versed with recent smartphones will lend me a hand.

I'm with all the Sprint Wireless Advantage Club, so I've access to only a partial selection of their phones. I wish I could copy-paste a checklist, but there may be no easy way. I will select by your guys' suggestions alternatively.

Anyways, here's what I'm seeking. Priority goes to the top-most features:

-Wifi access, web capabilities (like flash)

-Plenty of on board memory! Over 1GB, MicroSD a need to

-Fast processor

-Android favored. I really like the selection of apps

-Decent camera and video capabilities

-No 4G

I currently have an HTC evo shift, and I DO love it the majority of the time. I hate the quantity of onboard memory although. I've a good deal of apps, and in many cases though the many SD compatible apps are on my SD card, the onboard memory is gone. This, along with the slow processor, is generating me would like to upgrade.

A large perk would be if the cell phone Is simply not 4G. I do not have any coverage in my region, but I nonetheless wind up spending the $10 a month. Due to the fact I do not use 4G, it's Big waste. That is why I'm here. I'm not familiar with Sprints non-4G phones, and would appreciate a good Android Smart Phones without it (if it exists). I'll take a non-4G telephone using the very same stats as my HTC evo shift and bear the slowness if it saves me $10 a month.

I am open to all suggestions. I'd like to hear some reasoning for your alternative, imagined a gentle nudge within a phone's course is simply not unappreciated. Thank you!

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What smart phone should really I get?
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