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 Weird Ps3 controller?

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Weird Ps3 controller? Empty
PostSubject: Weird Ps3 controller?   Weird Ps3 controller? Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 2:09 am

My PS3 remote controller does not need to turn on, not even flashing lights are shown. I linked my ps3 controller towards the ps3 by way of USB and it nevertheless wont turn on but if I pull the USB out somewhat(Half way in) the port light turns on and i drive it back in it begins to charge, afterwards I unplug it and it turns off. I have tried the reset button, I have attempted charging a different controller(and it works) I've tried a diverse USB the issueI've tried letting it charge but soon after a even though it turns off and stops charging, I had an opportunity to glimpse with the battery degree once thinking about that it stays on after i unplug it for like twenty seconds and it shows it can be fullI have also attempted a challenging reset within the Ps3 along with the trouble still happensis just not "dead" mainly because when i plug it into my laptop I can hear the sound of the new device getting connected however the lights still

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Weird Ps3 controller?
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