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 Connecting a PowerA Wii Controller to Atrix

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Connecting a PowerA Wii Controller to Atrix Empty
PostSubject: Connecting a PowerA Wii Controller to Atrix   Connecting a PowerA Wii Controller to Atrix Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2012 11:58 pm

Very good evening I've a Rooted AT&T Atrix and I've my Wii Controller hooked up to it and it works just fine. I also just got a Power A Wii controller (the one that has the option to customize the LED buttons "A, 1 ,2" to different colors) and have tried to connect it with no success, I also downloaded the Simple Wii Controller app with no success. Before I used Wii Remote Controller app with the original Wii Remote and it worked really superior. Can anyone help. I suspect that the reason it won’t pair is becuz its asking me for a password "0000" or "1234" but I have no idea what the mappings are on the Power A Wii Remote, but back to what I believe what the problem is, is becuz I've to first pair it with the Wii system which I don't own, or that a third party remote will not work, Any help or incite will be greatly appreciated .Thanks!!
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Connecting a PowerA Wii Controller to Atrix
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