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 PS3 Controller No Longer Syncs Wirelessly - HELP!

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PostSubject: PS3 Controller No Longer Syncs Wirelessly - HELP!   Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:41 am

All of a sudden (inside the previous handful of days), my PS3 Controller no longer syncs up using the console right after I turn on the console by pressing the PS button. Let me describe a little bit additional evidently: With all the console off, I drive the PS button on my wireless controller to turn the method on. The process boots up, however the four red lights within the controller proceed to flash/blink permanently, as well as the controller by no means syncs up. In the event the controller is plugged to the console by way of USB, everything functions completely. Also, if the console is turned on in advance of the controller, and also the controller is then turned on, every little thing performs completely. This issue only arises when the controller is used to power about the console and also the controller will not be linked via USB. I have re-synced the controller utilizing the USB cord countless occasions, however the difficulty arises the incredibly next time I make an effort to turn on the PS3. I have also reset the controller applying the pinhole within the back many occasions, to no avail. I have tried every single mixture of beginning the PS3, plugging the controller in, syncing, and pressing reset, and practically nothing looks to perform. That is not a signal interference issue, as none of my equipment/configuration has transformed not too long ago. This comes about on Both my PS3 remote controller, and it only started off taking place in the past handful of days. Also, my controllers are fully charged, to ensure that is just not the problem. Am I missing a thing uncomplicated here? Is this a bug associated on the latest 4.0 update? I've examine about something like this happening in the past with the three.ten update, but I haven't noticed any posts related to it not long ago... Please, enable me out here! This can be planning to bug me until eventually it is actually resolved. Thanks!
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PS3 Controller No Longer Syncs Wirelessly - HELP!
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