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 Any future for high end Android Tablets?

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Any future for high end Android Tablets? Empty
PostSubject: Any future for high end Android Tablets?   Any future for high end Android Tablets? Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 9:36 am

What do you guys/ gals think about these comments I made in a thread elsewhere about the Nexus 7...? Is there any future in high end Android tablets? I was thinking about those tablets priced on a par, or higher, than the ipad.

I think Google have finally outed themselves with the combination of the Nexus 7 & Jelly Bean & the "Play" developments. It would seem that the Google view of the world revolves around us all using the cloud, all of the time & for us to get all our content from "father Google" (rather than "mother Apple").

We can now see that their concept of "open source" was nothing of the kind - they just were biding their time before revealing that they too want to " do an Apple ". Frankly, if that is the case, then I cannot see any future in android on tablets unless they are at the budget end of the market - with the MS devices imminent & the iPad so dominant the only future I can see for android is on phones & completely stripped down content devices like the Nexus 7.

Excruciatingly disappointing, TBH. This paradigm shift from Google, together with the fragmentation of the Android OS, coupled with its often buggy implementation by third parties - eg the ICS update on the Asus tf101 was an excruciating journey - has made me seriously consider whether I will continue to purchase expensive android products.

Just to be clear , I don't mean "no more android tablets", I mean "what's the point of high end Android Tablets?"

If you want a "free & customizable" device, presumably anything that will run Win8 should run Linux.
If you want a quality echosystem (and way superior to Android by any meaningful & honest comparison), buy Apple.
If you want a budget device, buy a Nexus / Kindle Fire (still only available in America)

So, what do you think...?
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Any future for high end Android Tablets?
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