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 General solution for Laptop Keyboard failure

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General solution for Laptop Keyboard failure Empty
PostSubject: General solution for Laptop Keyboard failure   General solution for Laptop Keyboard failure Icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2012 11:48 pm

Often have to buy laptop customers will ask us questions, Laptop Keyboard failure, how is it? laptop keyboard malfunction, there are two kinds, one of our more common in alphabetical key will be displayed as numbers happen, editor in fact experiencing asked the most is the case for notebook computers, a better understanding of my friends know, Laptop keypad number keys and letter keys together, generally based on the fn Numlk key smart switch to a small numeric keypad. Part of the notebook brands may not be specific, please refer to your notebook manual, there are detailed.

Here we introduce another, a Laptop Keyboard failure such as Acer ONE Netbook Keyboard , press down without any response, or button is not a regular display, this certainly can try to clean a laptop keyboard problems like the Compaq G Series G60 Keyboard problem , the solutionnotebook keyboard, each key check to see if there are some keys down did not bounce, leading to happen did not press any other key, if not the notebook comes with the keyboard is damaged, we take a look atother friends of the given solution.

Modify the notebook keyboard driver and Laptop Keyboard Cover : “My Computer” to open the System Properties, select the Hardware tab: Open Device Manager, we found that the Windows XP operating system, the default keyboard driver “Standard 101/102 key or Microsoft Natural PS / 2keyboard. “iphone4 home key to failure how to do

(1) Right-click to select Update Driver, there will be the Hardware Update Wizard: Select “install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next”, select “Do not search I will choose the driver to install. ”

Click “Next”, enter “to select the device driver for this hardware installation” page remove the check box “Show compatible hardware” before the Komagari. Standard Keyboard Model “column select” Japanese PS / 2 the Keyboard (106/109 Key) “, click” Next “to bring up the” Update Driver Warning “point” is. “Confirm Device Installation window to continue to point to” yes. ”

(2) complete the Compatible Parts like Hardware Update Wizard. Restart the computer.

To modify the registry: Click Start menu, point “Run”, enter “regedit” to open the registry, enter the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Keyboard Layouts”, there are a lot of sub-item, I found that by observing the “0804″ at the end are Simplified Chinese input method. Open “E00E0804″, you can see the “Layout File” subkey in the right subkey, double-click to open the item, the “Value data” in kbdus.dll to the “kbdjpn.dll”, “OK” can. And so on, all “0804″ end of the subkey in the “Layout File” to change all kbdjpn.dll specific selected according to their common input method. Then restart the computer just fine!

Produce more laptop keyboard failure, more common is the beginning to introduce, while some viruses can also destroy the computer keys, we encountered the laptop keyboard keys out of the first computer virus look at, after using the above methods.

If it is really the notebook comes with the keyboard component damage, we recommend that you choose to replace the laptop keyboard.

For more laptop reviews , please visit : http://www.laptopsview.info

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General solution for Laptop Keyboard failure
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