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 Dell unveils XPS Duo 12 Windows 8 convertible tablet

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Dell unveils XPS Duo 12 Windows 8 convertible tablet Empty
PostSubject: Dell unveils XPS Duo 12 Windows 8 convertible tablet   Dell unveils XPS Duo 12 Windows 8 convertible tablet Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2012 12:51 am

Dell plans to launch a new 12.5 inch convertible tablet-style notebook this fall. Itís called the Dell XPS Duo 12 which has compact Dell XPS Keyboard , and you can use it like any Windows 8 notebook. But if you push back the touchscreen display, it rotates 180 degrees inside its frame, letting you close the laptop lid and hold the computer like a tablet.

This isnít the first time weíve seen this sort of design from Dell. Almost two years ago, the company launched the Dell Inspiron Duo ó a 10 inch convertible tablet with an Intel Atom processor and other Compatible Parts . At the time, Dell was betting that people would spend a little extra money on a netbook if it could also be used as a tablet.

But Windows 7 wasnít really up to the task, nor was the Intel Atom processor or the include battery. The first Dell Inspiron Duo was kind of pricey, kind of bulky, not very fast, and didnít get great battery life. While the new Dell XPS Duo 12 shares the same rotating display genes as its predecessor, itís an entirely different class of computer.

The new model has a 1920 x 1080 pixel HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass, a backlit Dell Keyboard , and support for up to an Intel Core i7 processor. The XPS Duo 12 will run Windows 8 and it should be available after Microsoft launches the operating system on October 26th.

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Dell unveils XPS Duo 12 Windows 8 convertible tablet
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