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 How to repair retainer on laptop keyboard?

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PostSubject: How to repair retainer on laptop keyboard?   Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:17 pm

we have this toshiba laptop and a piece of rice got stuck under the arrow key ( idk how the hay it got there... dont ask.) So I impatiently tried to remove the key from the Toshiba Tecra Keyboard and accidentally broke off the tiny white skeleton thingy ( retainer, right? ) So now we have now ^ arrow key. My husband is pissed off at me big time, he wont stop yelling at me when I suggest fixing it. It was all my fault I broke it but he is 100% sure it isnt fixable. He says I cant replace the little white retainer, its permanently ruined for good. I am not convinced, is there a place where I can buy online or nearby those little retainer parts? Please help... :/
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How to repair retainer on laptop keyboard?
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