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 How To Clean Out Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Keyboard

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PostSubject: How To Clean Out Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Keyboard   Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:11 pm

Alright, this just happened maybe 20 minutes ago. I work at a university help desk, and just had a user come up because they were having issues with their laptop.

I take a look at the screen as the user boots it up, it's trying to do a PXE boot. I'm immediately wondering wtf the user was playing around with to change the usual boot order/settings.

I decide to restart the laptop so I can take a look at the boot options...there's nothing wrong. Ethernet is the last option in the boot list, and PXE isn't enabled anywhere else. I'm wtfing even more now.

I tell the user I'm not quite sure what's going on, and they mention they just had the hard drive replaced a month ago, and also mention the Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Keyboard always sticks (always amazes me how this stuff never comes out at the beginning, only after you tell them you can't see anything wrong). Neither of these seems too spectacular, Best Buy generally sucks, but I've never heard of them screwing up an HD install.

Anyway (keep in mind this is all happening fairly quickly), the user continues to explain how the keyboard sticks, and how they think it's just a cheap keyboard. They say it gets a lot of crumbs and dust behind it, so they have to regularly clean it out. They decide to show me their method of cleaning. Before I can say anything the user picks up the laptop with one hand on either side of the Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Keyboard , stands it on edge, and starts slamming the front edge into the desk like a fat kid trying to get the last Milk Dud out of a box.

My response? "Yeah, that'll murder your hard drive."
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How To Clean Out Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Keyboard
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