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 Quick Question about Compatible Parts

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PostSubject: Quick Question about Compatible Parts    Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:16 am

I was just wondering when making a Hackintosh, or a Windowtosh, if the parts like the CPU cooler or the SSD the OS installed on really matter? I'd also like to know this about the Power supply, does that really matter?

Sorry if i sound like a noob, for I am new here.

I guess it'll probably be useful if I mentioned the Compatible Parts i wanted to use.

I was probably going to go with the H100i for the cpu cooler, a samsung SSD (the guides said to use Scan Disks), and I only saw Power supplies that went up to 750. Would I be able to use a Corsair 850? or Maybe even 1200?

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Quick Question about Compatible Parts
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